Roadmap for an excellent customer experience

Organizations have monitored their performance for a long time by measuring customer satisfaction, for example by means of asking feedback for their customer service, website and sales personnel interaction. However, only a few organizations measure the entire customer journey and how each internal process affects the overall customer experience.

Customer journey

Understanding how each touchpoint in the journey is experienced by customers is crucial if one wants to build an overall view. Usually a customer journey involves quite different functions in the organization, which creates the need for internal communication. To design an exceptional customer journey, you need to understand how each touchpoint is experienced and how different functions in your organization are delivering on them.

Customer experience is everybody’s business in your organization

An excellent customer experience requires more than just friendly staff or timely delivery of the products bought from your organization. It requires a strategic decision to transform the whole organization, its processes, culture and mindset to become a true and holistic customer-centric player.

Start with establishing what drives your customers’ motivations

Create a holistic end-to-end view of all the touchpoints and of how customers interact with an organization by analyzing the existing customer journey. The aim is to find out what makes your customers motivated and what they value the most. In order to carry out this exercise you should scrutinize the customer data and create a customer journey map. Then, discuss this with customers to discover which of the touchpoints are the most significant for their experience and how you could improve the customer experience. If you do this well, the organization can deliver in-depth analyses of the important customer journeys and touchpoints.

You can always do better in terms of customer experience

Secondly, you need to align your organization and culture need to change to work uniformly across functions, making it possible to jointly deliver excellent journeys. Carry out transformations by adopting an approach with focus on the customer journey moving away from siloed functions and top-down innovations to cross-functional processes and bottom-up development of new ideas and innovations. The new way of working should embrace an innovative mindset and continuous improvement.

No metrics, no success

Thirdly, your organization needs to adjust all the metrics and incentives to support the customer experience approach and further development of it. This can be done, for example, by defining service level measurements and setting appropriate targets for different functions of the organization. Frequent and close monitoring of performance and KPIs is paramount to take your customer experience from good to excellent.

By carrying out these three activities the organization will have a much better chance to provide customers with an excellent experience, and thus gain higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Piia Rahikka is an Assistant Manager in KPMG Global Strategy Group working on projects related to strategy, operations and M&A. Piia has nearly seven years of experience of management consulting and business development. Outside of work, she prefers spending her time sailing or skiing.