Data & Analytics as an integral part of today’s business

Are the D&A capabilities of Finnish companies sufficient? I claim they are far from it, and the “Building Trust in Analytics” survey commissioned by KPMG may support this statement.  From a strategic and efficiency-enhancing perspective, it may be worthwhile to have a look at what D&A has to offer your company.

data & analytics

The Building Trust in Analytics survey was carried out in 10 countries on all continents, and the 2165 respondents were all directors and C-level executives fully or partly responsible for data & analytics. Although the majority of companies interviewed for the survey deem D&A important for their businesses, only 34% are confident in the business operations insights generated by using D&A. Furthermore, just 21% trust the analysis/modelling they conduct. I find these numbers somewhat incomprehensible, and I’m left wondering why the trust in D&A is so low, regardless of its widely recognized significance. One possible reason is inadequate competence, combined with outdated and unsuitable tools.

D&A provides a myriad of possibilities

I’ve personally participated in projects focusing on cost and process efficiency, where D&A has been utilized and even heavily relied on. Even though I was familiar with D&A prior to joining KPMG, I’ve been astonished by the vastness of its application possibilities, as it can be applied within virtually any activity where data is available.  The only limits are essentially your own creativity and skills and the features of the software you’re using. More often than not, the finiteness of the software isn’t an issue.

So why not invest in D&A?

As the survey presented above does not include Finnish companies, it isn’t an indication of the D&A capabilities in them. Be that as it may, I know from personal experience that the use of a few Excel spreadsheets is still the most advanced form of “D&A” in many Finnish companies. Obviously I’m generalizing, but the truth is that I’m yet to be blown away by the D&A skills of a Finnish company!

Upgrading your D&A is surprisingly easy

Taking your D&A to the next level, so to speak, can be anything but cumbersome, and not quite the nuisance you might think. Licenses for extract, transform & load tools aren’t all that expensive, and some ETL and business intelligence software is even available for free. Using them is generally not all that tricky, and with just a bit of practice and the will to learn, you can make impressive visuals and save time with smart commands in your ETL software.

I’m very much inclined to recommend the use of D&A. There are clear efficiency-related upsides, as well as numerous other benefits, and the use of D&A in companies will most likely increase exponentially in the future. So, why not invest in D&A in the form of proper tools and skilled employees? We’ll be happy to help you, and you’ll most likely thank yourself for it later.


I am Erik Mustonen, a member of the KPMG Global Strategy Group. Ever since I was little, I’ve been interested in numbers and calculus. D&A is, in a way, another outlet for my passion for numeric analysis, and an exciting means to explore and learn new things. At KPMG I’ve been fortunate to be involved in D&A-related assignments. KPMG has clearly made progress within the field and a strong D&A community has developed here, which I’m happy to be part of.