The ever changing world for business trippers

Immigration regulation has become more complicated and authorities have increased scrutiny of immigration compliance.

Companies are starting to realize what might have been a common practice before, is no longer accepted when it comes to immigration of workforce. However, still today many companies are failing to evaluate the need for work permit in the host country but rather trust their own instinct that a business visa is enough. Relying on short duration of the stay or previous practice can lead to an incorrect solution when it comes to the need for a work permit and being in compliance with immigration legislation.

Time is money

When planning how to staff global projects or relocating know-how to a subsidiary in a foreign country project management and HR need immigration related information on a very short notice. They need, to consider immigration at a very early stage of the project staffing planning as the citizenship of the employee may highly effect the time he is able to start actual work in the destination country. Getting information fast on what actions need to be taken in order to get an employee the right to work in the destination country is essential. The faster you have the necessary information on immigration requirements the sooner you can start the process for getting a work permit for the employee. Saving time here means saving money.

Technology makes surveillance and risk management easier

The employees of our clients operating globally are not only facing more scrutiny in the border control but also through immigration audits. With constantly evolving technologies the authorities are able to track immigration compliance better. Not many years ago it was still practically impossible for immigration authorities to track for instance the Schengen days* of a traveller but today tracking is fairly easy. No matter where in the world your staff is relocated the era of underestimating the monitoring capabilities of the authorities is over. This being said, we at KPMG see technology as a huge possibility also for companies to streamline immigration processes, help internal tracking and foremost, facilitate immigration compliance and risk management.

We at KPMG are dealing with almost 100 different destination countries daily and we have a vast immigration data base. Now we want to enable our customers to be able to enter this information. This spring we will be introducing a new technology solution that will allow our client’s to access this vast data base KPMG Global Immigration Expert will provide preliminary information on immigration requirements, country specific red flags, process duration and description as well as preliminary document requirements lists for work/residence permit. It is easy to use and has 24/7 global availability.

*Specific amount of days allowed to spend in the Schengen area either visa exempted or with a Schengen visa.

Checklist to keep you on safe side

  • Assess every case from immigration perspective before making any staffing decisions
  • If you are not sure consult immigration advisor
  • Make sure only allowed work activities are conducted when using business visa or similar
  • Do immigration risk mapping and do not trust on how things have been done five years ago
  • Ensure compliance and streamline process flow with technology

The complexity of short assignments or business trippers in the context of immigration is something that might seem like an unsolvable problem. Despite the challenging setup, with the right specialists, technology and trustful client relationship anything can be solved.

Saara Airas has worked for the KPMG People Services team as a Global Mobility Advisor since June 2016, and has recently worked on immigration technology project at KPMG. She has vast experience in employment based immigration and global mobility. In her free time, Saara likes to escape to movies, theater and other cultural events.