Innovate faster with free service design tools

Digitalization and new services are rapidly shaping and disrupting the markets and society as a whole. Therefore, the ability to create customer-centric services quickly has become extremely important.  Free tools, downloadable from the internet, can help to kick-start new disruptive services.

Easily combine strategic thinking, Lean and service design

When creating new services, companies are increasingly using free hands-on tools such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup or Lean Service Creation. Aided by a set of practical canvases, you can easily combine strategic thinking, Lean philosophy, design thinking and agile development, and apply them to your service idea.

The canvases include some key questions for your service creation process, and help you to form answers in an organized way. This ensures that aspects such as the business model, customer engagement and the service concept are considered. The canvases and related methodologies foster both creativity and critical thinking via regular checkpoints in the process.

Experienced advisors can add market knowledge, best practices and structure

However good the do-it-yourself tools are, you may benefit from using a professional advisor. A good professional will have the experience and knowledge required to help you find a solution for your specific needs. Experienced advisors can add value by providing e.g.:

  • Business insight regarding markets, competitors and users. This will require access to market data, analytical capabilities and tools, and an understanding of the business logic.
  • Best practices across industries. Ideas may come from the hottest start-ups, inspiring services or expert interviews. Copy with pride, as long as it is legal.
  • Structure and momentum for your development process. Unbiased, constructive feedback will help to balance service design elements. Engaging facilitation skills will help your team reach its full potential.

Boost your innovation process and agility by the smart use of service creation tools

You can make your organization more customer-centric, innovative and agile by the smart use of the above-mentioned tools in your service creation process, leading to:

  • Improved services that customers really need and are ready to pay for.
  • Faster innovation cycles and time-to-market.
  • More effective resource usage, as bad ideas are killed faster.

Whether you work for a corporation or a startup, do try out some of these free service creation tools. Even with their limitations and shortcomings, they can significantly boost your organization’s ability to build disruptive services faster.