Rewriting your business future starts with challenging your current strengths

Are you challenging yourself enough when formulating your strategy? Mild strategies won’t take your business anywhere in a digitalized world. Invert you organization and rewrite your strategy by the people who will execute it.

The private Amos Andersson art museum focusing on traditional Finnish art exhibitions, rewrote its future exactly five years ago when, in September 2013, the Konstamsfundet Trust running the gallery decided to build an entirely new meeting place for contemporary art, film and urban culture, with unique architecture, exhibition spaces and workshops above and below ground in the Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square in the very heart of Helsinki.  This newly branded Amos Rex art museum boldly differentiated itself from its rivals, with its cross-disciplinary activities. The grand opening was in early September, and suddenly, the old art gallery and its outdated image was transformed. It now has long queues at the main entrance and has been notified in European media such as “The Guardian”, which wonders: “Will the Amos Rex art museum put Helsinki at the forefront of Europe’s art scene?” The earlier gray future now looks bright.

Current times require bold responses

The new Amos Rex was a perfect setting for entrepreneur, venture capitalist and media visionary Leonard Brody to share his thoughts and visions on how to rewrite strategy at the annual KPMG Strategy Forum. Leonard’s recipe for rewriting your business future starts with challenging your current strengths, position, portfolio and, most importantly, your way of thinking about the surrounding world. The fast pace of change requires rapid and bold answers to strategic questions. Mild responses won’t take your business or company anywhere in a digitalized world. Challenge, even cannibalize, your existing business set-up. The competition will anyway do it quicker than you currently expect. Leonard advises us to adopt the rule of ten, which is to annually renew your business with new clients and services by a value of at least 10% – not an impossible figure. If you have neglected renewals for years, it will need an even bigger leap forward – a move that Konstamsfundet made five years ago, and one that seems to have harvested splendid value.

Make everybody a strategist

Rewriting is not the task of only a few in top management. In order to ensure that your bold answers are rapidly and successfully executed, involve the people who will execute them. And involve your people from the very earliest phase. In fact, invert your organizational pyramid, and make everybody a strategist.

The KPMG Global Strategy Group supports all sizes of enterprises and businesses in rewriting their strategy to respond better to forthcoming challenges, and to utilize the opportunities presented by digitalization and a changing world. First and foremost, we support your top management with insights, data and methods, to enable them to define, together with their people, bold answers to the most demanding strategic questions, and to execute them resource-wisely.