City Solutions Networks – passionate actors for better everyday life in cities

The faces of city streets are changing faster than never before. Bright and brave global cities are competing with each other in all fields: best for start-ups and innovations, greenest in strategic level and for citizens, most livable and functional, smoothest mobility and transport, most energy efficient, healthiest and happiest, you name it, there is The City for it.

In all continents behind the competition there is a huge eagerness to get smarter and greener – with a respect to the sustainable city goals. In the background of all the rankings in “the best of everything -themes” there are people and networks with passion for developing smooth everyday city life for citizens and daily street walkers. And as the cities reach to each other globally, there are no borders for co-operation and ideas. For example Finnish cities already look for benchmarking ideas in US cities to be tailored in Finland as well as partner themselves with innovative Australian cities to create testbeds for companies. And not only for ideas and innovations to adapt, people with different educational backgrounds and with different experiences are needed to join the forces to solve the challenges.

Solving tricky challenges needs multiprofessional networks

Never before in the history have we seen rapid changes like nowadays: climate change effects, migration in all levels, aging population, and uneven allocation of work – to name a few of them. For these rapid and huge changes quick-fix answers as well as more strategic approaches pop up in all cities to respond the need. A challenge that a Swedish city is dealing with can be a one that Canadian city has already solved or is also dealing with. But to get the best skills committed to in the knowledge change or into the solving process new mindset for co-operation is needed among all actors. Beside the cities this concerns also large global companies, SMEs, start-ups, NGOs, universities, research institutions and of course the inhabitants. City challenges are demanding for smooth knowledge flow, out-of-silos thinking, partnership and co-operation instead of confrontation. Together.

Wisdom of skilled crowds – partnerships and co-creation

Everybody wants to take part of a gathering or meeting where you leave inspired and enthusiastic after a passionate discussion and co-operation. We are now talking about co-creation and partnership, going outside of the groups’ comfort zone towards new ideas to implement globally.

The KPMG Cities Network works with this co-creation mindset. The Cities Network includes passionate professionals in all fields: social scientists, governance experts, engineers, economists, change management leaders, lawyers, tax specialists, service designers, health and education experts among others from all the KPMG countries in all continents.

Did you know: KPMG is also involved in the organization of the Nordic Pavilion in Barcelona Smart City Expo 2018.